Conservative Bloggers Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts

Bloggers Who Support Judge Roberts -- Even If He Is Gay Like Some Leftists Say.

Friday, August 05, 2005

New Group For Conservatives Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts

There is little more annoying than the hypocrisy of the Leftist media. We are told that one's homosexuality is a private matter. We are told, in fact, that the Constitution protects one's right to privacy. However, whenever a gay conservative or Republican is discovered, it is exposed as though it were scandal. Here is one example.

Recently, Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, has been under expected scrutiny. The Leftist determination to uncover dirt is amusing. We know that the New York Times has attempted to dig up dirt on Judge Roberts' adoption of his two children.

We know, believe it or not, that Judge Roberts is an attorney. This means that, sometimes, he is called upon to advocate a position for his client, even if he personally doesn't think it should be the correct legal position or sound public policy.

The recent news is that Judge Roberts helped his law firm's attorneys prepare for a case in 1996 that went before the Supreme Court of the United States that involved the equal protection clause's application to homosexuals. Judge Roberts didn't participate in the litigation itself, but it is reported that he reviewed briefs and assisted in preparation for oral argument.

The New York Times and CBS also was provided the above picture by a credible source who just happens to be an officer in

The purpose for reporting this story was obvious. The goal was to undermine Judge Roberts support among social conservatives. It has even been implied at by Leftists and places like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos that Judge Roberts may be gay. This, the hypothesis goes, may explain his adoption of children. We believe that these speculations and tactics are despicable. Still, assuming for the sake of argument that they are right, and Judge Roberts has performed legal work that helped homosexuals or, heaven forbid, he is even gay, we respond with a resounding: SO WHAT!

This Blog is being established to support a Blog Community of right-of-center conservative and libertarian leaning Blogs that support Judge Roberts, even if he is gay.

The founding members are as follows:

Cassandra of Villainous Company
KJ of No Government Cheese
spd rdr of Heigh Ho

Now we want to be perfectly clear: we aren't saying that Judge Roberts is gay. But if he is, we still support him. We hope you will to.

To join Conservatives Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts, please e-mail:

welikegayjudgeroberts -at- yahoo -dot- com

Then, link this Blog on your Blog's sidebar, along with the official picture as follows:

Then, tell the world that you support Judge Roberts. Even if what the Left wants you to believe about him is true.


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