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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

NARAL Ad De-Fangs Roberts Opposition

The fabulous Keith Thompson at Sane Nation notes NARAL's spectacular failure in attempting to use Fox News to smear Judge Roberts.

With NARAL's ad campaign backfiring against the hard left, and with as many as 70 senators poised to support the Roberts nomination, the activists who hoped to Bork him are scaling back their campaign. Why waste their ammo on a sure winner — better to save their resources to defeat Bush's candidate to replace Rehnquist.

Thompson blithely points out the conundrum for the Dems, who will have to get their main channeler, Nancy Pelosi, on board.

Pelosi'll have a conundrum of her own; Thompson notes that she's already referred to the Supremes as "the voice of God." She must mean those justices who've already been elevated with the official seal of approval from Nan, Teddy, John Forbes Kerry et al.

And from the sound of the anti-Roberts clamour on the left to date, I don't think Nan's god approves of justices who may be gay.

--Post written by CBWSTGJR member tee bee. Check out her blog, and a more serious version of this post, at A Guide To Midwestern Culture.


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