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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Growing and Growing

We are growing faster than an economy after a tax cut. We have added in the last few days:

  • Disposable Wisdom

  • Chairman eDog's Superblog of Capitalist Opression

  • A World of Speculation

  • The Right Blog

  • Chateau D'if
  • And, just added,

  • Little Miss Attila

  • NIF

  • Wave Maker

  • Steal The Bandwagon

  • There are plenty of Zimas in the fridge.


    • At 10:12 AM, Blogger Cassandra said…

      Add Little Miss Attila too:

    • At 10:43 AM, Blogger TJ said…

      Sign me up!

      ... NIF

    • At 11:41 AM, Blogger Wave Maker said…

      Please accept Wave Maker's membership in this august organization:

    • At 1:25 PM, Anonymous jody said…

      I'll join! I support Gay Judge Roberts... :)

    • At 5:30 PM, Blogger Kevin R. Watkins said…

      Thanks for getting me out of the closet...I mean addimg my blog.


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