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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dems To Question Roberts On S&M

Democrat Patrick Leahy says that Dems will question Roberts about a Justice Department memo that is said to have lead to extreme acts of sado-masochism in foreign prisons.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThen-Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee argued in a Jan. 22, 2002, memo that the president has the power to issue orders that violate the Geneva Conventions as well as international and German laws prohibiting S&M except under certain agreed upon conditions and only if the submissive has been given a "safe" word.

Judge Roberts, whose recently papers revealed a slightly positive Amazon review of Safe Word, has argued that the debate over S&M was a healthy one that conservatives should embrace. Democrats are concerned that Roberts would allow the use of S&M techniques at foreign prisons thus allowing Bush to possibly win the war on terror.

Kennedy explained the reason for the inquiry: "Look, ah, I like my nipples tweaked as much as the next mainstream American Senator, which means a whole lot. But we must not allow the President to order people to wear panties on their head unless these prisoners are given a 'safe word.' All prisoner S&M should be pleasurable. Just ask Nancy Pelosi, or as I call her, the Whip Princess."

Judge Roberts only reply was that it was important to know the difference between S&M and an atrocity.


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