Conservative Bloggers Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts

Bloggers Who Support Judge Roberts -- Even If He Is Gay Like Some Leftists Say.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


OOOOOOOHHH!!! We are so excited!

James Taranto is just the bees knees...

But we're not so sure fellow conservatives are going to line up ...err...behind this "Eugene Delgaudio" person.

Unless it's to kick him in the tuckus for being a nasty, narrow-minded twit:

Republicans in Washington might remember ... a few years ago, when the "Ted Kennedy Swim Team" marched from La Brasserie, one of the Massachusetts
senator's favorite hangouts, to the Capitol. That was Delgaudio. A few months later came the "Barney Frank Housesitting Squad," a crusade to create a "hooker-free zone" around the gay congressman's house in case a male prostitute again tried to do business there without Frank's knowledge. That was Delgaudio, too.

"I know that others feel the same way. I know they believe as I do.
They're just not going to act," the 50-year-old Northern Virginia man said. "But once I've done it, then they can't claim that no one's opposing Roberts."

But this is America. Somewhere in the Constitution the Berobed Nine will undoubtedly find a penumbral right to make an ass of yourself. And if it's not in the original text, no doubt they'll be able to find ample precedent in international law.

We suggest they start with France.

- Cassandra


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